Thursday, 5 February 2009

What I should have posted before... Previous artwork

This was a collaborative piece with Jean Parsons and Susan Strawn. There are two layers of digitally printed silk; silk broadcloth below, silk gauze above. The transparency of the gauze creates an amplification effect with the imagery. Susan cut extra digitally printed silk into strips and created the knitted hood, cuffs and hemline.

This is a print section from a design I called "Overload"

These two are called "Transformation: Icarus (I and II)" and they were collaboratively designed with Jean Parsons. One is printed on wool gabardine, the other on silk habotai.

This piece is called "I still can't find it; the right colour"

"Moving Through" is a rectangle with a tube going from one side to the other. It can be worn as a tube dress or hung as a 2D piece.

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